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What is a master class?

In this technical training course on glass and its various applications, we make you more familiar with this complex field. You will soon notice that you become more self-confident in your daily work. Discover our different training modules here. Consult them when it suits you.

Masterclass 1.1: the basics

Thanks to a master class, you will master all the topics and products so that you can give expert advice. In this module, you will learn the basics of glass.

Master class 1.2: corner to corner glass

In this second part of the basic training course, we focus on corner-to-corner glazing. Customers are increasingly opting for this type of set-up, so it is crucial that you master this technique perfectly.

Master class 2: applicable standards

Now that you have mastered the basics of glass, during this second master class we delve into the different standards that apply. You will learn why these standards exist, what exactly they mean and what our role is towards customers.

Become a partner