Sprimoglass, your glass partner for 130 years.

Sprimoglass takes its name from the Liège municipality of Sprimont, where Octave Prégardien founded the company in 1892. It was only in 1989 that we moved to the site in Damré-Sprimont. In 2014, the Prégardien family sold the company to Belgian investors. Frédéric De Gucht became the new CEO. Since then, Sprimoglass has grown into a modern Belgian company focusing on quality service for all its customers. This vision earned us the title 'Best Managed Company' in 2022 and 2023.

At Sprimoglass, we have focused on everything to do with flat glass for more than 130 years. It is therefore logical that we know our business inside out. We strive for perfection in every project. Better still: we constantly push our limits. That has been our trademark since 1892.

Sprimogroup? A crystal clear choice.

Unsurpassed craftsmanship down to the smallest detail. That is what Sprimoglass stands for. We specialise in all types of glass: from single, double and triple glazing to safety, privacy and acoustic glass. We use the latest products and technologies for the most ambitious designs. Perfectly tailored to your needs. If Sprimoglass can't make it, chances are it doesn't exist!

You can also call on Sprimoglass' expertise for the installation of glass. For example, SprimoInstall will help you with all practical matters concerning the installation of your glass parts. If you have a question about a particular project, be sure to contact them. At Sprimogroup, we join forces as the one, true leader in flat glass! Step by step, we make your dream come true with all our partners.

About Sprimoglass- Phot of an architect/designer/contracter

Architect, designer or contractor ...

If you are an architect, joiner or contractor, ask us your questions and let us know what you have in mind. At Sprimoglass, we excel because of our innovative infrastructure and a team of passionate professionals.

Our customers will agree: we are a crack at our job. When you choose Sprimoglass, you choose quality and durability. Moreover, you can count on unparalleled service. We listen to your needs and even exceed your customers' expectations.

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Or private individual?

As an end user, you want to have a clear idea of the right glass for your home, business or office. For you, no technical terms and expensive words, but plain language and user-friendly tools. Whether you want glass for your veranda or facade. Our GlassTool will help you translate your desired comfort into terms that your professional needs to order the right glass.

Our Sprimogroup partner SprimoInstall is also happy to help you with the practical details of your project. Thanks to our expertise, you save time, money and energy!