At Sprimoglass, we understand the importance of privacy in your living environment. Whether in your home, office or other spaces, maintaining your privacy is essential. We work with you to find the right glass to create a sense of security.

Whether you are looking for complete opacity, subtle light diffusion or an elegant design that offers privacy without compromising natural light, at Sprimoglass we have the ideal solution for you.

Satin or opal films

The two most common privacy solutions are satinised glass and opal films.

In satinised glass, a special acid treatment is applied to the glass surface. Satinised glass offers an elegant and modern look, with the surface made matt for maximum privacy without compromising natural light penetration. The subtle texture diffuses light diffusely, creating a pleasant atmosphere.

In addition, opal films offer a versatile option to create privacy. These films are placed between the glass panels, making the glass layered. This way, by the way, they not only provide privacy, but also contribute to safety and silence. Opal films are available in different strengths, depending on your specific needs and preferences.

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An alternative is patterned glass

Figure glass is also an excellent and extremely versatile option to enhance privacy with a unique and stylish look. Figure glass includes a wide range of glass varieties with different textures and reliefs. With dozens of colours and patterns to choose from, patterned glass allows you to combine your privacy needs with aesthetically pleasing design. Whether you are looking for geometric shapes, stylised figures, classic patterns or exclusive designs, patterned glass offers countless possibilities to add a unique and personal touch to your space.

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Which privacy glass best suits your project?

Discover the different types of privacy glass here.


It is recommended to talk to a glass expert or your tradesman to ensure you make the right choice that meets your specific requirements.

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Sandblasted glass uses the process of blasting the glass surface using sand or an abrasive to make it matt. This process abrades the glass surface and creates small pits and scratches, making the glass diffuse. This method allows for very specific shapes in your glass. Beware though, on sandblasted glass you can see fingerprints very easily, which is why it can be additionally treated with "Visiclair". It protects the sandblasted side of the glass and ensures that fingerprints are easy to clean again.

So many more possibilities

There are many other options available to ensure privacy. For example, consider incorporating slats in the glass area, printing glass with creative designs or sandblasted glass. At Sprimoglass, we have expertise in all these areas. Talk to your glass expert about it and get advice to find the best solution for optimal privacy together. Together, we will ensure the ideal balance between functionality and aesthetics, allowing you to enjoy optimal privacy in your space.

Privacy testimonial- Thomas & Evelien smiling on the terras of their holiday cabin

"That bathroom! Just blissful!" That is the standard response we get from our guests.

In 2019, we renovated our holiday cabin. Together with the architect, we looked at the options. The trump card was to be the spacious bathroom, with walk-in shower and free-standing bathtub. One large floor-to-ceiling glass window was to provide a special feeling. Clever use of partially opaque areas keeps privacy high and the room bright. Just about all guests praise this dream bathroom. Of course, we also stay here a few weekends a year!

Thomas & Evelien Holiday home with dream bathroom!
Privacy testimonial- Catherine smiling in her practice space

The space is suitable for professional operation and at the same time pleasant for our patients.

I am so happy with the decision to use privacy-enhancing glass in our practice space. The architect's clever design allowed us to divide the space into smaller treatment rooms without compromising on light or privacy. The glass allows beautiful light through, giving the rooms an open and spacious feel, at the same time it is opaque so privacy is maintained. It is a perfect solution for our practice, where we work with different specialists.

Catherine Physiotherapist, owner of group practice