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Choosing the right glass is all about enhancing your comfort. Whether it's maintaining heat, keeping your home cool, ensuring safety, enjoying silence, guarding privacy or protecting colours. There is an optimal glass solution for every comfort point. We will be happy to help you choose the right glass based on your desired comfort.


Red Star Line Museum- Antwerp

We provided expertise in glass design for the unique Red Star Line Museum

Extensions- Neupré

Sprimoglass project CAMAC Neupré

TILFF- Esneux

High-quality project: glass band, Masterpatio sash windows, 3m high toughened glazing, overlapping corners, connected to roof complex.

Glass ID

Every glass from Sprimoglass is given a unique code. You can find it on the spacer of your glass. Thanks to this code, you can quickly find the installation date, the guarantee and all the properties of your insulating glass.

About Sprimoglass

Founded in 1892, Sprimoglass has established itself as a leading Belgian company in the flat glass industry. Known for its innovative and quality service to joiners and property developers, Sprimoglass offers an extensive range of glass products - from single and double to triple, and from safety to privacy and acoustic glass.