Red Star Line Museum- Antwerp

We provided expertise in glass design for the unique Red Star Line Museum

Extensions- Neupré

Sprimoglass project CAMAC Neupré

TILFF- Esneux

High-quality project: glass band, Masterpatio sash windows, 3m high toughened glazing, overlapping corners, connected to roof complex.

Binet-Tossens- Verlaine

Historic building renovated with glass extension, exterior connection, minimalist design, character and modernity combined.

Vapour-permeable timber-frame house- In the Rupel region

This modern, semi-detached BEN house with high-quality window profiles by Reynaers, fitted with triple glazing by Sprimoglass.

Paardenmarkt- Antwerp Stadscampus

Knechtjeshuis Paardenmarkt Antwerp: Monumental renovation, glass roofing, harmonious interplay of history and modernity.