If coolness is your desired comfort, solar control glass is the perfect choice. It helps keep out the heat from the sun and ensures a pleasant climate in your home, even on hot summer days.


If warmth is your main comfort point, choose highly insulating glass. This type of glass keeps heat in during cold days, saving you energy and maintaining a pleasant temperature.

Safety- A crack in glass


Strong glass protects you from cuts when falling through, increases security against burglary and in some cases even resists bullet impacts, ensuring your safety on multiple levels.


For a serene living environment without disturbing noises, we recommend soundproof glass. Put an end to noise pollution in a simple and budget-friendly way. And your concentration, sleep and health will improve!

Privacy- Picture of privacy glass


Privacy is of great importance, which is why we have an extensive range that includes various options to ensure privacy with glass.

Colour protection- Woman laying on the ground of her house in the sunshine

Colour protection

If preserving colours is a priority, we offer glass solutions specifically designed to protect against harmful UV rays, preserving the vibrancy and beauty of your paintings, carpets and colourful furniture.